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Programs & Services


We offer a wide range of programs and services to meet
the needs of those affected by our cause  

MCB currently offers 7 major programs to legally blind citizens in Missouri

Adaptive Technology

Offers legally blind Missourians the opportunity to be able to purchase adaptive equipment through a 50/50 matching grant.

Special   Services

Provides financial assistance in emergency situations such as utility assistance.


Offers scholarships to visually impaired students who are pursuing a degree. This program is very valuable as blind students have added expenses when attending college or graduate school.

Youth Services

Provides an opportunity for legally-blind young adults to become involved with a consumer organization as they learn to advocate for themselves and others who are visually impaired.  This program also provides equipment to visually-impaired children that allows them to participate and compete on an equal level with their sighted peers.  Our Youth Camp program offers assistance for youth to attend a camp of their choice.

Summer  Camp

Fills a very important socialization need for blind and visually-impaired Missourians of all ages and their families.  Held at Cobblestone Lodge, the Summer Camp Program provides fun, recreation and relaxation and helps build a strong, supportive community that adds to the quality of life for hundreds of Missourians living with vision impairments.

Health Benefits

Offers a small yearly stipend to those who have experienced surgery or illness.


The MCB First-Timer Program exists to make it possible for those who have not previously attended an MCB Convention to do so.  This program pays all expenses to attend the annual MCB Convention.