White Cane Program Guidelines


The Missouri Council of the Blind (MCB) is committed to helping all Missourians that meet the legal qualifications of blindness to be successful and safe as they navigate their communities.  To this end, we have established a program that will provide a white cane to all blind Missourians that request one.


We will provide one cane each year as needed.  If the applicant is a member of the MCB, they will receive a graphite folding cane in the length requested the first time a request is made unless a one-piece fiberglass cane or blind support cane is requested.  Every succeeding cane will be a one-piece fiberglass cane in the length requested, or a blind support cane if needed.
If the applicant is not a member of the MCB, they will receive a one-piece fiberglass cane in the length requested or a blind support cane.


The funding will be determined on a yearly basis by the board.


  1. Written verification of legal blindness from an ophthalmologist or other reasonable authority (obtained within the past year), including a description of the applicant’s eye condition, visual acuity, and field of vision.
  2. Applications for the White Cane Program may be obtained by:
    • Visiting the MCB website at www.moblind.org
    • Calling the MCB Headquarters at (314) 832-7172 or (800) 342-5632
    • Email the MCB Administrative Assistant at aa@moblind.org
    • Writing to the Missouri Council of the Blind at 5453 Chippewa St., St. Louis, MO 63109

If an application is denied, then the applicant may submit a written appeal to the MCB Board of Directors at its next regularly scheduled meeting whereupon the Board would vote to accept or deny the appeal.  The MCB office or program representative would then notify the applicant of the decision reached by the Board.