The Summer Camp Program

The Missouri Council Summer Camp Program offers a rich experience of fun, recreation, relaxation and socialization to legally blind and sighted members of MCB and their families as well as other legally blind citizens of Missouri.


 Our summer camp program, has provided fun, recreation, and relaxation for thousands of people with visual impairments and their families.

 Floating on the Meramec River, swimming, crafts, playing sports, and participating in a talent show are a few of the activities we offer at The all inclusive Cobblestone Lodge in Steelville Missouri.

Participating in recreational activities, engaging socially with others and experiencing firsthand what other blind people can do are key ingredients helping a person who has recently lost their vision begin to believe in themselves once again and embark on a new, more independent life is a part of our mission.


We offer three opportunities every year to come out and have some fun. A week  in early June, a week in late July or early August and an adults only long weekend at the end of August.


Pricing for the week camp:

Adult MCB member: $100.00

Non-member(legally blind) adult: $200.00

Non-member (sighted): $560

Children under 18: $90.00

Children under two: Free

Extended Weekend

MCB Member: $75.00

Non-member (legally blind): $150.00

Non-member (sighted): $283.82


Any adult may choose  1 week and / or the extended weekend.


Summer 2022 Schedule

Week One June 6 throu June 12, 2022

Week 2 August 1 throu August 7, 2022

Extended Weekend (August 25 – 28, 2022


Applications for the week long camps must be submitted by May 1, 2022

Extended Weekend applications must be submitted by July, 1 2022


Summer Camp Guidelines

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