Marilyn Parker

I would like to nominate Marilyn Reece Parker for member of the month.  Marilyn grew up in the world of the blind.  She is the daughter of Bessie and Thomas Reece and the sister of Elizabeth and Thomas Reece Jr who are all blind.

She is one of the founding members of AGAPE and just like her grandmother, she is extremely helpful to all of us.  She is knowledgeable concerning grants and she has connections.  Through her job, she has brought new members into AGAPE.  When one of our members is sick, she is one of AGAPEs angels.  We have a few.  I can atttest to this.  She ran all over the city trying to find me some raw ginger root.  She fixed me little bags of fruit and microwavable soups so that I did not have to do too much.  She is now running back and forth because her sister just had surgery and her sister-in-law just had a plate in her knee and a rod in her leg.  That means that she is also seeing after her brother and her brother-in-law.  In doing all that, she is still a wife and a grandmother that is holding it down.

Back in the day I use to call her my bratty little sister, but she has truly proven that she is a sister and no longer bratty.  I am so proud of her.  

Wilma Chestnut-House