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2020 Online and Telephone Auction

The Missouri Council of the Blind 2020 Online and Telephone Auction

When: April 19, 2020, from 4-7pm.

With: President Naomi Soule and Executive Director Chris Gray as your auctioneers.

How: Call in and place bids by phone or online directly through the ZOOM platform.

Who: Our entire blindness community throughout the US are invited to participate. Tell your friends and family, and let's make this a great success!

Register here for the MCB Telephone and Online Auction

Auction Item List Coming Soon


1. Registering: If you plan to bid, you must register with MCB either with the online registration form, by calling either Virginia or Eleanor at the MCB office (314) 832-7172, or by email at  You will need to provide the following information: your name; telephone number; email address if applicable, and the city and state where you live. Please also include the best way to contact you so we can reach out to the top early bidders for each item prior to the day of the actual auction. Registration will begin on Friday, February 7 and continue through Wednesday,  April 15. Early bidding begins on Monday April 13.

2. Bidding: Pre-bids will be taken starting on Monday April 13 and continue through Friday at noon on April 17.  The items for sale in the auction will be circulated on the MCB website, and listserves and other listserves as appropriate. Each auction item will have its own number.


1. Email your bids to the MCB office to; include your Name, Bidder number, Item number on which you are bidding, your bid amount, and the best way to contact you. Put the word auction in the subject line of any email sent to the MCB office related to the auction. You will receive an email acknowledgement of your bid.

2. Submit bids to either Eleanor or Virginia between the hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Central, by providing your name and bidder number provided with registration. Whether you submit your bid by telephone or email, Eleanor or Virginia will inform you of the high bid if your bid has already been exceeded.  Occasional updates of the high bids for each item will be placed on the lists during the early bidding phase, thereby allowing early bidders to be aware of high bids and submit additional bids. While Eleanor or Virginia can tell you the current high bid on an item, or email you an auction list upon request, we’re sorry but they cannot read you the auction list or call you if a higher bid comes on your items.


Registration Is Now Open

You must register in order to bid. Register any time throughout the entire auction by calling (314) 832-7172

Join Zoom by dialing in through your landline or mobile device or by using a link through your computer or smartphone. This information will be provided closer to the time of the actual auction day.  Beginning at 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM, or until all items are sold.


1. All participants will be automatically muted when you enter the call.

2. Raise your hand to join the queue to be recognized: From your land line phone, press *9; press alt y on your PC or command y on your Mac, and on your smart phone, locate the More button at the bottom right of the screen and double-tap. There are four buttons displayed. The second button from the left is the raise hand button, double-tap and your hand will be raised.

3. Placing a bid: We will unmute you and ask for your bid when it is your turn, then we will lower your hand. To bid again, raise your hand again, just as you did before, wait to be called upon, and state your bid. We will again repeat your bid, lower your hand, and place you on mute. 

IMPORTANT: The “raise hand” command is a toggle. If you enter the command a second time, you will lower your hand. We will always lower your hand for you.  Please do not, under any circumstances, mute and unmute yourself. This will interfere with other bidders and will make it necessary for us to drop you from the call.

4. Each item is scheduled for about five minutes. We will announce when an item is about to close. All winners will be announced on the call.

5. Getting Help prior to the auction: If you are uncertain how to use the zoom client and need help prior to the auction day, contact Auction Co-Chair Denny Huff for assistance.

6. Getting Help during the auction: If you just aren’t being recognized, call (314) 832-7172 and your bid will be forwarded to the auctioneers. If yours is in fact the high bid, you will be acknowledged even if bidding has closed.


Because bidders will be participating in the live broadcast of the auction, some rules must be followed in order for the event to be pleasant for everyone. Anyone not following these rules will be dropped from the bidding line and could be blocked from re-entering the call and participating in the auction.

a. Do not mute and unmute yourself. Doing so will interfere with others on the call.

b. Foul language, broadcast of inappropriate video etc. will not be tolerated. Any individual engaging in such behaviors will be immediately blocked from the auction.

c. Raise your hand only when you wish to bid. Wait for your turn to bid; we will call on you in the order hands are raised. Do not raise your hand just to ask a question.

d. While your hand is raised and you are waiting to bid, make sure your surroundings are quiet. Turn down the radio; ask others in the room to please stop talking; stop rattling paper, washing dishes, setting the microwave etc. Remember that background noise is amplified when you are on the air, and it is irritating to others.


Placing a bid is a commitment on your part to pay for that item, should you be the winner. All items are sold as is, and all sales are final.  Payment must be made by credit card using VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express; no checks accepted.

Within two to three days following the auction, the MCB office will begin contacting winners to obtain credit card and mailing information. This process may take several days. If a winner defaults on a bid, the runner-up will be contacted concerning the item.


Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer and will be added to the final sale price. If you purchase multiple items, shipping will be combined whenever possible. Sorry, but we cannot offer international shipping. For more information, or if you have questions, please contact the Auction Committee at (314) 832-7172.

The Auction Committee wishes to extend our sincere thanks to all who have worked hard to make this a fun and profitable event. 

Auction Item List Coming Soon