Join MCB


Why Join MCB?
An obvious answer might be all of the wonderful programs designed to make any blind or visually impaired individual’s life better. Another reason is  to become a part of an amazing community of diverse, supportive people, who share vision loss. 
Why invent the wheel if you don’t have too? You can ask questions and get answers from others who have already figured out a variety of solutions for the problems of living in a world designed for light dependent people. 

You, or your sighted friends and family may be afraid you will hurt yourself, that you are prevented from doing anything at all. It isn’t what you lack, but what you do with what you still have that will make it possible to live a rich and rewarding life despite vision impairment.  

Like any group of people, visually impaired members of MCB come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and life experiences. We work together to make a difference for all Missourians with vision loss. If we don’t know the answers to your particular questions, we know how to find them.  We can help you move from where you are in your adjustment to where you want to be. If one technique or tool doesn’t work for you, then we will help you find one that does.

What is more, we will welcome your skills and abilities. Come share your gifts, make new friends and help us discover ways to make a difference. 
Join us and you will be welcome. 

All Missouri Council of the Blind members are automatically  full members of the National organization American Council of the Blind.

Ways to Join
We have three ways you can join Missouri Council. 
1.    Join a local affiliate in your area.
The best option is to join one of our 16 local affiliate branches providing support to visually impaired Missourians throughout the state of Missouri.
search for an affiliate near you 
2.    Join a Special interest affiliate
We have five groups we call special interest affiliates where people  can gather who share a common interest.
Contact State-Wide Special Interest Affiliates
If there is no affiliate near you or  you are not ready  to join an affiliate, you may join as a member at large. Members at large are full members and  may take full advantage of all the things we have to offer.
Apply online to become a Member-at-Large