Email List

Missouri Council of the Blind has created email lists to provide an avenue for discussion on various topics. 
These groups include Adaptive Technology, Education and Advocacy, Missouri L, and Missouri Chat. Following is a description for each of these lists and the address to subscribe.

  • Adaptive Technology Mailing List

This list has been created to provide news of the adaptive technology world. Whether it be new hardware or software that has been made available to the visually impaired, or tips and tricks on how to make these products work for them. You will also be able to talk about mainstream applications and how to use those products with adaptive technology. Although this list has mainly been created for the ATI members, it is open to the public and anyone is welcome to join. Members of the list may post questions about adaptive products such as Screen reader and magnification software, note takers, braille displays, braille embossers, smart phones and tablets or any other adaptive product used by the visually impaired. We also welcome posts concerning new releases of software and hardware products in the adaptive technology world. To join, send a blank email to

  • Education and Advocacy

This list is for MCB members interested in following and discussing legislative issues on a state and national level as well as other advocacy issues. Although this list is primarily for MCB members, it is open to anyone. To join, send a blank email to

  • Missouri L Mailing List

This list is primarily for Missouri Council of the Blind members, though anyone may join. Here you may share and discuss blindness related issues. Share MCB information such as news, events, promotions, etc. To join, send a blank email to:

  • Missouri Chat Mailing List

Although anyone is welcome to join, this is primarily a general chat list for the blind and visually impaired community of Missouri. You are welcome to join and chat about almost anything. Just keep it clean and respectful. The only guidelines are, no offensive language and no personal attacks. To join, send a blank email to: