The Ellis M. Forshee Award

The Ellis M. Forshee Award

First Given in 1958

The recipient of the Ellis M. Forshee Award may be either legally blind or sighted.  The honoree shall be someone who has done something outstanding on the state or national level.  He/she shall be someone who works with the legally blind or with legislation for the legally blind.

Award Recipients

2020 - Tom Culliton and Laura Mueth

2016 - Mary Hale

2014 - Leroy Welch

2012 - Senators Jason Crowell and Jim Lembke

2011 - Stephanie Brady

2010 - Marty Exline

2009 - Representative  Jeff Grisamore

2008- Carson Elliff, Attorney At Law

2007 - Tom Kennedy Law Offices and  St. Louis University Law Clinic

2006 - Representative Rachel Storch

2005 - Fred Gissoni

2004 - Beverly Armstrong

2003 - Bill Haygood