Education and Advocacy

Why is the Education and Advocacy Committee an important part of fulfilling  our mission?

The Education  and Advocacy Committee is MCB’s vehicle to advocate and educate the public in the areas of legislation, education, technology and transportation

Our passion is to represent all members of the blind community that are affected by legislation and public policy each and every day. We work with  local,
state and national government officials as well as business leaders to promote and ensure  the rights of the blind community are protected.

This committee serves as our voice to portray MCB’s beliefs and truths regarding people possessing a visual impairment.  …  a person who is visually impaired
must possess hope, self-confidence, the knowledge that it is respectable to be blind, and demonstrate the importance of developing basic skills and alternative
techniques of daily living skills.  

The following is a direct quote found in our MCB Bylaws Revised 2020.
“There shall be an education and advocacy committee to keep the membership informed of pending legislation affecting legally blind persons. The committee
shall be comprised of a legally blind delegate from each regular affiliate, elected by the affiliate, in the odd-numbered years and for a two-year term.
The chair shall be appointed by the president with the approval of the board of directors.”


Chair Person: Patricia Schonlau